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INTERACTIVE is the Bible Study experience bringing the Word of God into the home, school and offices of the people in your church though the Internet. Monday - Friday each person automatically receives a devotional that prepares them for the Sunday School/Bible Study Lesson. If the student doesnít have a computer, the five devotionals can be printed out by the teacher and distributed the Sunday before.

INTERACTIVE with the Teacher
Each teacher receives the most outstanding, up-to-date, lesson material possible via the internet. They are written just seven days before the Sunday they are to be taught and delivered to the teacher by way of the Internet on the Tuesday before the Sunday! With world breaking events happening every day, this makes the Bible study relevant to todayís lives and families.

INTERACTIVE Teacher Materials
The Teacherís materials can be printed out by the teacher and they are outstanding. The teacher basically receives the HOOK, BOOK, LOOK, and TOOK. The HOOK is that which creates interest in the Word and given to the teacher are several illustration options. The BOOK is getting into the Word to read through and explain it. The LOOK is getting the word into Life and the TOOK is an illustration that brings the lesson home and to a conclusion.

INTERACTIVE Teacher Study Helps
The teacher can click on the scripture and this connects the teacher to the Scripture Passage online where they can read the scripture in a number of translations. Along with the lesson the teacher receives an Exegetical Study of what the scripture meant to Godís people, a Theological Study of what it means to Godís people always, and a Pedagogical Study of what it means to us now.

Dr. Timothy Warren, Preaching Professor at Dallas Theological Seminary, is video taped making a presentation of the background information of the Scripture. His presentation is uploaded to the Ministry Point Website by Tuesday noon and can be viewed online by Teachers from any location. Each lesson has a PowerPoint presentation that can be downloaded by the teacher to be used in their class.

When a church subscribes to ďINTERACTIVE CURRICULUMĒ, classes are set up with the teachers. The teacher keeps their class roll E-Mail list up-to-date. Each day the teacher can send a personal message with announcements, prayer requests or anything else out to every person on the list by just one click.

The E-Mail list of every class is also available to the pastor and staff of the entire church. They can send out prayer request, information and announcements to everyone with just one click!

Cost of printed Sunday School material is growing. The average person in the class gets the material but few study their lesson or even read it. They will read their E-Mail, especially with personalized messages from their teacher. The cost is far less than printed materials, ONLY $300 per series. So for an entire year's worth of studies the total cost to your church would only be $900. It is far less expensive to electronically deliver curriculum, yet provide up to date applications, illustrations, powerpoint and a web-based communication system for your teachers, classes and church.



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